Product shipments may be delayed because of the complete closure due to the pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I expect to wait before a product is delivered?

Items that are in stock in Turkey could be dispatched immediately. Where items are not in stock in Turkey they will be produced for you.

Our shipments will be sent to you as fast as possible by DHL Express. If the product is in of stock except for delays in customs, it takes 2-5 weeks to reach you. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, shipping may experience delays.

How corona virus affects products delivery?

Due to the problems experienced in raw material and material supply, there may be a delay in production and deliveries. In case of delays, we will work on the delivery of the ordered product as soon as possible.

How can I access the Security Cards (MSDS) of the products?

You can get information by using the "Get A Quotation" button or sending an e-mail to "" to get information on this subject.

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