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Graphitized Carbon Nanofiber
Purity: 99.95%, Size: 200-600 nm

€ 83,95

CNF DimensionsO.D.: 200-600 nm/Length: 10-50 µm


Highly pure Carbon Nanofibers (>99,9%) are produced by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. 
Subsequent annealing for ~24 hours at ~3000 oC (graphitization) results with this high purity, electrical
and thermal conductivity properties.

Carbon nanofiber (CNF) is an attractive material similar to carbon nanotubes because of its conductivity 
and mechanical properties. It is frequently used and studied in chemical catalysis, energy conversion, 
hydrogen storage, rechargeable batteries, electrodes, lithography, EMI shielding, super capacitors, sensors,
displays, medical studies, polymer/composite reinforcement works etc.

True density2,1
Bulk density0,039
Specific surface area20
Electrical conductivity / Electrical resistivity110
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