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Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Nanopowder/Nanoparticles
Purity: 99.95%, Size: 45 nm

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Magnesium oxide nanoparticles have wide applications in catalysis, ceramics, electronics, coatings, and petrochemical products. It is used as fire retardant and is added to plastics and fibers. 
It is also used as dehydration agent for the production of high grade ceramic material, silicon steel sheet, and electronic industry material. Magnesium oxide nanoparticle is a good insulating
material. It is used for making insulating conduits, smelters, crucibles, electrode bars and sheets. In electronics magnesium oxide nanoparticle is used in radio industry. It is used for making
high frequency magnetic rod antenna, magnetic device filler, and insulating material filler. Magnesium oxide nanoparticles is used as fuel additive, antistatic agent, cleaner, and corrosion inhibitor. 
It has other wide applications in industry. It is used along with other materials to improve their properties such as, refractory fibers and refractory materials, refractory and insulating instruments,
optical materials, materials for steel-smelting furnace and other high- temperature furnaces, heating materials, and ceramic base plates.

Average particle size45
True density3,6
Specific surface area>45
Morphology / Crystal structurePolyhedral
Elemental analysisNa 0.023 K 0.0089 Ca 0.016
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