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Purity: 99.9%, Size: 900 nm

€ 9,20


Nanocalcite is the most stable form of the naturally profuse inorganic material Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)
and exists as trigonal crystalline form in nature.  It has very high degree of purity, perfect crystalline structure
and transparency. Besides its excellent features, nanocalcite also provides advantages such as  improving the
resistivity and stiffness, providing perfect stability and electricity insulation. Our company sells Nanocalcite product
with low prices and high purity. 

Nanocalcite is used in detergent production, magnetic types’ production, cosmetics industry, paper production, for soil remediation
and stabilization and optical instruments. It is also used in the manufacture of cement, calcium carbide, metal polish and it is used
as filler in rubber and textile goods.

Average particle size900 nm
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