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Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Nanopowder/Nanoparticles
Anatase, Purity: 99.55%, Size: 38 nm

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Titanium oxide nanoparticles have wide applications in chemical industry. It is used in products such as cosmetics, beauty and whitening cream, 
vanishing cream, skin protecting cream, natural white moisture protection cream, powder make-up, and other cosmetic cream products. It has
applications in coatings such as coating for plastics, foods packing material, and in printing inks. It has also applications in photocatalysts, 
UV-resistant material, antibacterial materials, sewage treatment, and self-cleaning glass and ceramics. Titanium oxide nanoparticle is used in 
metallurgical, paper, and astronautics industry. It is used for improving the impressionability and opacity of papers, and in producing titanium, 
ferrotitanium alloy, carbide alloys.  


Average particle size38
True density4,1
Bulk density0,4
Specific surface area35
Elemental analysisK 0.0085 Na 0.0076 Fe 0.0046 Al 0.0055
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