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Tungsten (W) Nanopowder/Nanoparticles
Purity: 99.95%, Size: 780 nm, metal basis

€ 35,65


Properties, Storage and Cautions:

Tungsten nanoparticles are highly reactive and flammable, therefore it should be handled with care and rapid moves, vibrations should be avoided. 
The powder should be kept away from sunlight, any kind of heating, moisture and impacts. Coagulation of the particles is a serious problem, so, 
the powder should be sealed under vacuum and should be kept in cool and dry conditions. Air contact should be avoided. 


Tungsten has good electronic, thermal and outstanding mechanical strength properties. These properties makes tungsten a good material for electrodes, 
gas sensors and contact materials, thermally resistant and wear protective surface coatings, sintering additives, heat sinks, armor, electronic package 
and aerospace alloys, contact parts of vacuum systems etc.

Average particle size780
True density19,3
Melting point3422
Boiling point5930
Elemental analysisW ≥99.95 K ≤0.008 Al ≤0.007 Mn ≤0.006 Ni ≤0.006 Others ≤0.003
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